Annual Senior Horse Essay Contest

Every senior horse has a quirk–be it funny, endearing, or downright annoying–and we want to hear about yours! In 300 words or fewer, tell us about your senior horse’s silly behavior, including where it came from, how it’s evolved as he or she ages, and how you’ve come around to accepting that it’s just part of your horse’s loveable personality. Please also include a high-resolution image of your horse and, if possible, a video of your horse’s quirk in action!
A $500 Gift Basket from our amazing partners at Farnam Horse will be awarded in youth (under age 18) and adult (over 18) categories, and the winning essays will be featured in the Nov/Dec issue of The Northwest Horse Source Magazine!
Don’t delay! Essays, photos, and videos are due by September 1, 2022.
Photo Credit: Terri Goon, Colorado Horse Rescue

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