Announcing a NEW AYHC Award

For many years, the American Youth Horse Council has recognized outstanding volunteer leaders – both adults and teens. Now, we are excited to announce a new addition to the award program recognizing a horse industry professional!

The AYHC Horse Industry Professional of the Year award is an annual accolade designed to honor exceptional individuals dedicated to the education of youth in the horse industry. Esteemed nominees for this prestigious distinction are professionals actively engaged in roles that support the youth horse industry, either through employment or self-employment. These individuals demonstrate exemplary skills as educators, coaches, or mentors to young horse enthusiasts, actively promoting the youth horse industry at local, state, or national levels.

Nominees distinguish themselves by employing innovative teaching methodologies that enhance student learning outcomes, earning them respect as prominent youth educators within the industry. Nominations are open to any member in good standing with AYHC, offering an inclusive platform for recognition. Importantly, nominees need not be current AYHC members but should embody the qualities of a commendable ambassador for the youth horse industry, making them deserving candidates for this national honor. A potential nominee for this distinguished award is an industry professional exemplifying strong adult leadership, dedicated to nurturing the growth of young horse enthusiasts. Their commitment plays a pivotal role in ensuring the vitality and longevity of the horse industry, making them a commendable candidate for this prestigious recognition. Some examples of potential nominees include (but not limited to) extension educator, agriculture education teacher, equine organization staff, equestrian camp staff.


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