AHC to host Virtual Research Summit

In today’s business climate and with looming threats to our industry’s livelihood, it’s essential that the equine industry not only proactively conduct research on all aspects of our “ecosystem”, but that we promote and publicize our work to demonstrate that we are good stewards for our equine companions,  our participants, our industry employees and partners.

The American Horse Council Foundation will be hosting a virtual equine industry “ecosystem” research summit Nov 2nd and 3rd , 2021. This summit is intended to open a dialogue to help us develop strategies to accomplish the following objectives with both researchers and funders.

  • Educate and inform participants about existing research and future research needs
  • Identify ways to collaborate and leverage our collective resources to accomplish more research
  • Promote cross platform networking among participants, and
  • Develop marketing strategies to help inform the general public about our efforts to maintain/enhance health, safety and the overall well-being of the equine community.

Glenn Tecker of Tecker International Consulting will be our moderator and facilitator. There is no fee to attend and participate. This will be done with a zoom style video conference.  Invitations will be sent out shortly to academic institutions and funding organizations.

Direct questions to jbroadway@horsecouncil.org

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