3 Products Your Barn is Missing

Have you tried Horse Pill Carriers, Apple/Berry Cookie Cubes or Horse Fresh? These products can now be purchased directly from our website.

Horse Pill Carriers are a natural Alfalfa-based option for dispensing medication or supplements in pill or capsule form – Available in 7oz bags and 2lb buckets. CLICK HERE TO BUY


Apple Berry Cookie Cubes are forage-based and grain-free treats that will not imbalance a horse’s daily dietary regimen – Available in 2lb and 5lb bags.  CLICK HERE TO BUY



Horse Fresh is an all-natural bedding enhancer made with granular zeolite that controls moisture, captures odors, and neutralizes potentially harmful compounds found in barns, stalls, and kennels – Available in 25lb bags.  CLICK HERE TO BUY



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