2022 National Economic Impact Study

In 2022, the American Horse Council will conduct a National Economic Impact Study on the US Horse Industry. To help us begin planning, we are asking all equine associations and organizations to answer a quick survey to help us determine the best methods/means to reach the audience, determine the total target audience population, and derive a response rate to ensure statistical valid sample.

For this study we are going to try and drill down in a number of different ways, so a high response rate is critical! If we meet our metrics for our breakout populations, we will then be able to run a National analysis – so it all starts with the details.

For example (these are hypothetical),

•          If we want economic impacts for breeds or disciplines (like AQHA or USHJA or USTA), we will need to determine the number of responses needed from those groups to get a valid sample. AQHA has 225,000 members so we might need 10,000 surveys from their members to derive their total economic impact as an organization;  Smaller populations like Arabians who have 16,000 members we might need 6,000 surveys.

Imagine the power of being able to definitely say our breed or discipline has X economic impact, employs Y people, etc.!

•          If we want data analysis at the state level, these population sizes can vary greatly and require a larger sample size by proportion to maintain a level of accuracy. That means we need to know the number of members in each state to determine responses needed in each state.

(Usually about 20-25% of the total member population for populations less than 100,000 members).

Again, this data has been used to help make many arguments for maintaining trails, race tracks or other facilities in a state so it’s very much needed.

•          For a National Study, if 1M people are members of equine associations and we would like to have a small margin of error with a high confidence level so we’d need at minimum 16,000 responses representing a broad range of regions across the country.

Responses to the survey by March 1

Questions, or for a copy of the survey email jbroadway@horsecouncil.org

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