2020 Annual Review of Rural Real Estate in Oregon

What was the 2020 market like in Oregon?

In a word, “crazy.” I don’t think you have to dig to deep on the internet to find that out. But what are the real numbers? What can you really expect the average price to be for a home in the county, and how long do they typically take to sell? What direction are things headed from here? This data applies to all homes on 1 or more acres around the Willamette Valley of Oregon, so the data will be different than what you find online in general.

  • Salem had the highest number of homes sold on acreage, at 210. Which makes sense because the area is much larger than the smaller, surrounding towns. So you would think you would have had more properties to choose from, but, it is also the area with high demand.
  • Keizer had the least amount of homes on acreage sold, only 7 for the year. These are rare, much like a unicorn. There just isn’t much available on land outside of Keizer because of the boundaries. So it is pretty unfair to label Keizer with the fewest homes on acreage sold. The next fewest areas were Brownsville and Independence.
  • Jefferson homes on acreage had the highest percentage of list to sale ratio, at 100.11%. Keep in mind, this is an average, many homes are selling above list price. Monmouth had the lowest sales ratio, of 95.81%.
  • The most affordable homes on acreage were found up the Santiam Canyon, covering towns like Lyons, Gates, Mehama and Mill City. The average sold price was $391,991. Before you blame the wildfires, this data takes into account the entire year, and historically, homes in this area have been more affordable than most of the Valley.
  • Keizer also holds the title for the highest average sold price, at $642,357. Salem was a close second with $635,888.
  • Homes on acreage sold the fastest in Aumsville, with an average of 83 days. This may sound like a long time in recent years, but, this does include the escrow period to process the closing, such as inspections, repairs and the appraisal. These days, that can take 30-60 days.

To see the details for each area, just click on the town name:

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