Oregon Horse Council urges Rep. Walden to vote for the GAO Act

TO: Greg Walden, United States House of Representatives, Oregon’s 2nd District


Representing the equine industry of Oregon, we urge you to vote in favor of the “Great American Outdoors (GAO) Act of 2020.” This important bill establishes a cost-effective method to address the nation’s backlogged trail maintenance projects and promotes recreational riding on public land. It also strengthens the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which allocates resources for conservation easements or “rights of way” that encourage horseback riding and other healthy activities.

On June 17, the GAO Act passed the Senate by an overwhelming, bipartisan vote of 73 to 25. It supports the National Park Service (NPS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and other agencies by creating a revenue stream from energy development projects to support the maintenance of trails under their jurisdiction. Please cast a vote in favor of healthy outdoor activities and vote for the “Great American Outdoors Act!” Thank you for your consideration.

The Oregon Horse Council

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