Duck Tape on your Saddle Gullet?

True or false? You should duck tape your saddle gullet so it performs better. Ridiculous, right? Yet that’s how I bought my CWD saddle – all taped up by a prior trainer who thought it would help the saddle.
And I bet you’re thinking right now of a whole list of other things you’ve seen some trainers, pros, other equestrian experts do that left you scratching your head….but if you’re like most, you went along with it anyway even when your gut was telling you it didn’t make sense.
So let me ask you, is it more important to go along with the flow and not rock the boat because you don’t want to upset a guru or someone you might look up to….or is it more important to be curious, step into your own power and move past ridiculous, unhealthy, and harmful industry norms or practices?
Have you fully considered what it is costing you, your horse, your tack, and even your progress as a horsewoman or horseman to stick with your comfort zone? A comfort zone, which if you’re like most riders, includes a whole lot of counterproductive products and practices?
And I get it, I’ve been right in your shoes…doing all sorts of things I questioned. But I didn’t want to be different, to ruffle feathers, or become an outcast by raising my hand and objecting.
But with Sterling Essentials I changed all of that. I changed my personal story and journey and stepped into my power by creating products that change the narrative and that even change lives.
I believe in empowering equestrians just like you – the wanting more equestrian that believes there is more somewhere and somehow beyond the bounds of our mainstream equestrian world.

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